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Eric Donalson "Cherry Oh Baby"

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby - CD.jpgAlthough little is known about Eric Donaldson as a performer he has made a major impression on the reggae world through some of the songs he has written and recorded. The title track of this album, "Cherry oh baby", was successfully covered by UB 40 giving them an international hit in 1984. The track was also previously covered by the Rolling Stones on their "Black and Blue" album in 1976. UB 40 were also inspired to record "The Way you do the Things you do" by Eric Donaldson's reggae arrangement and included on this CD of the original Temptations song.

Eric Donalson "Cherry Oh Baby" - Tracklisting:

Label: Smith & Co

1.Cherry oh baby - 12" mix
2.The way you do the things you do
3.Norma Jean
4.Land of my birth
5.Sweet Jamaica
6.Thinking of him
7.What you're doing to me
8.I think I love you
9.Follow me
10.Look what you have done
11.More love
12.The price
13.Keep on riding
14.Night Soul
15.Come away
16.Right on time
17.Let go yourself (greetings)
18.More money (Spender)
19.Mystery Babylon
20.Spanish town road