Johnny Clarke - Blood Dunza CD cover

While maybe not as internationally famous as his fellow performers Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs, in Jamaica during the second half of the 70's he ranks alongside them and was certainly one of the most popular founder members of the Dance Hall style. After initially working with Clancy Eccles, Johhny was recognised as a potential talent by Rupie Edwards who went on to record several successful records with him as lead vocalist. After Rupie's failure to share any of the credit with Johnny he teamed up with Bunny Lee as his producer and went onto record a string of hits. These include "None shall escape the Judgement", "African Roots", "Peace in the Ghetto" and "Blood Dunza" (Dunza meaning money.)

Johnny Clarke - Blood Dunza- Tracklisting

Label: Smith & Co

1.Just call me african roots
2.Declaration of rights
3.None shall escape
4.Peace in the ghetto
5.Blood dunza
6.Legalise it
7.Enter into his gates
8.Play fool fi get wise
9.Going to the ball
10.Move out a Babylon
12.Don't stay out late
13.Keep on moving
14.Hold on
15.Ten to one
16.Nobody's business
17.Memories by the score
18.Crazy Baldhead
19.I man come again
20.King of the arena